The Rhyme of Finite Sparks, by Edoardo Durdin


Has anyone ever told you that the Soul wakes before the Sun rises?  Before the first light touches the mountain peaks or graces the sky with its presence?  She raises questions found in your dreams, while you are fast asleep and floating amongst the stars.  She knows answers you have always known, but never dared to feel.  She holds passions which have guided your life, she steers you towards promises you may keep hidden during the day and acts as if Reality need only be persuaded to light your way. 

Our Soul lays in the truths we speak when our irrational hearts stand up for what it believes to be true.  She is in the music that sweeps you from your feet and pulses your blood in sync with the beat.  She is the deep breaths of oxygen we take when we have risen to the impossible and cries out JOY from within.  She is the kiss of another’s love, found in their soft lips, chills down your spine, goosebumps as the hairs on your arms start to rise.  A voice we all share from within, and never far from our reach.

We crave that our hearts may sing and live forever amongst the memories of mankind.  That we may have grown regardless of our history's pain; feel our deepest urges and pleasures, free from fear or gain.  That we may contribute towards a future that we may not, but our children only, may see.  That we may consolidate our loss and we will share our happy days, never lonely.

So what would we be without this Soul, however for granted we may take it or it go overlooked?  If we get lost along the way and stop listening to these hidden desires in fear of hurt.  If we were to neglect how vulnerable we truly are; ignore this inner child from within, wouldn't that be true Sin?  How can we spread or create our wishes, nurturing fear in our limbs?  Without this Voice we are nothing more than good intentions, with absolute security, and nothing to believe in.

So,. She needs only to be listened to, before we rise from our linnen and sheets.  Softly spoken to and looked at with gratitude and appreciation; and those dreamy eyes are very much allowed..  This Soul will light your way, and those of many others; if you dare to have hope, speak your wishes and send them on their way.  The world would lose its darkness, we would create the deep comfort of anticipation that soon again it will be day.  These birds will do our bidding, as their wings connect us to this heaven on earth we are about to create, and fly out to those with whom we rejoice and stand together with, day by day.

This new dawn will come: will you stand with us, find courage and listen from within?


Look to the skies for our Golden glow, the past will disperse at our new light.