Edoardo Durdin (1988), Imaginative Realism.

“Edoardo Hong Koey Durdin is a passionate and ambitious talent. In a surrealistic, dramatic and sometimes confronting manner he takes you on a journey through his own perspective on reality.”

Growing up in Rome, Edoardo experienced his passion for classical tradition at an early age. This fascination and a sense of home, led him back to Italy (Florence) in his late teens to enjoy classical drawing and painting techniques and was later on greatly influenced by Russian Master Alexey Steele. 

In his work he acquires a soul redeeming quality that shows harder, but also more vulnerable truths. The stories he tells explore interpersonal processes, in search of the unseen to push towards greater allegorical compositions. Enriched with narrative symbols his paintings carry a hidden message which spark the viewer to look for the meaning beyond the visual language.

He exhibited his first solo show at the age of 19 and has been exhibiting his work professionally across Europe ever since. As of late, Durdin has been focussing on creating series with a more singular and stronger narrative within two collections at the same time. He is currently working on both a portraiture series called the "Rhyme of Finite Sparks" inspired by the work of Samuel L. Coleridge, and the "Atlantic Nonet" with a greater sense of the imaginitive, based on his own stories of the ocean floor.

IN 2014 he spoke on "the Voice on Contemporary Realism" at The Representational Art Conference in Ventura, California.